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What is Poke?

Poke (poʊˈkeɪ) is a Hawaiian raw fish salad bowl seasoned with various sauces.

All ingredients MUST be fresh to make poke bowl a delicious and healthy fast food.

Who is POKEIO?

POKEIO represents Poke In-Out.

Customers can enjoy delicious and healthy poke bowls as daily meal.

POKEIO always pursues continuous improvements.

What is distinctive?

  • 5 ordering-methods system with technology
  • Distinctive menus and sauces (unique taste)
  • Community relations


POKEIO provides short term / long term catering service.

Please place an order for catering by clicking Ordering button on the top menu!

If the order is over 20 poke bowls, the order should be placed one day before.

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